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Open Source Database Testing Tools



The tools covered in this article are Database Benchmark, Database Rider, dbstress, DbUnit, DB Test Driven, HammerDB, JdbcSlim, JDBDT (Java DataBase Delta Testing), NBi, NoSQLMap, NoSQLUnit, ruby-plsql-spec, SeLite, sqlmap, tSQLt, Tsung, utPLSQL.

Jenkins World 2017: The Game of DevOps: Applying Jenkins Best Practices …


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Maven Dependency Management Without Going Full Maven


Maven Dependency Management Without Going Full Maven
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You may have already discovered the joys of managing your projects with Maven, thanks to a virtually endless range of features it has to offer. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, using it in MyEclipse will take it to a whole new level if you are looking for a better experience inside an IDE.

Dependencies Only Mode

You might be used to the fact that with Maven you can manage a project’s dependencies, builds, reporting, and documentation from a single place. Maven dependency management is one of the best-known Maven features, and is one of the areas where Maven excels. However, exploiting only this feature is typically not possible – you would need to go almost all the way with a Maven-based project configuration, adding and configuring Maven plugins, dealing with profiles, and goals. If you don’t have the time or the need to go through the works, MyEclipse jumps into the picture, offering the Dependencies Only mode, which has actually been available since MyEclipse 2015.


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A 4-Step Guide to Building Continuous Security into Container Deployment


A 4-Step Guide to Building Continuous Security into Container Deployment

그들이 AWS 위에서 Kubernetes 를 운영하는 방법 – Google 프레젠테이션


그들이 AWS 위에서 Kubernetes 를 운영하는 방법 – Google 프레젠테이션

Jekyll on Windows | jekyll


Jekyll on Windows | jekyll